It’s a Small Blogosphere

When I was 12, I discovered that the National Mall was not actually just a really big shopping mall. I hadn’t yet developed a distaste for shopping, and I was devastated.  I vowed never again to take anything at face value. So I was skeptical a few weeks ago when I stumbled across a link to a website that purported to link my two favorite things- food and owls- in my most favorite form of my favorite thing, dessert.

 I can’t recall if I was sifting the web for dessert recipes or owl accoutrements, but I discovered a blog post titled “Owl Cakes.” Bracing myself against inevitable heartache, I clicked on the link. It turns out that I had braced myself for nothing, though, because it was exactly what I never knew I wanted: owls, in cupcake form. They’re here: And they’re adorable. Also, perfect. 

I haven’t made them yet, because of three-exams-in-a-week week and other life events, but I plan to. And I plan to visit the blog regularly, because it’s fantastic. If you haven’t clicked on the link already, click on it already! But only when you’re ready to lose a few hours to the author’s delightful writing. She’s funny. She’s irreverent. She’s who I would want to be if I had any real culinary or journalistic talent. And there are pictures of food everywhere.

I’ll admit it: I have a blog crush.

And, as it turns out, I’m only one degree of separation away from her. Yesterday, in the midst of learning about Human Behavior in Medicine, I noticed that a friend from college had posted a link to the same blog on Facebook. Small world, I thought. We both enjoy the same random blog! Wrong. The author is a good friend of my friend, and my friend has been lucky enough to know her and to enjoy her edible creations. Though I may never be so lucky, I like to imagine that we are friends now, too. In the blogosphere sense.

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1 Response to It’s a Small Blogosphere

  1. Molly says:

    Totally blog friends! Such nice words, thank you Alissa! xo

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